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About Our Legislative Advocacy

Our Motivation

Some of the most imporant work of the Washington State Women's Commission is our Legislative Advocacy. At the start of each legislative session, we gather all that we have learned the previous year  about what is important to women & girls, what barriers they face, and what opporutnities they seek, and we set our Policy Agenda for the year. We know that change happens in the legislature, and we seek to amplify the voices of women's organizations, other stakeholders with similar values & goals, and of course, the women & girls of Washington themselves.

Our Mission

The mission of the Women's Commission is to "improve the life of every woman and girl by ensuring equitable opportunities and removing systemic barriers through engagement, advocacy, and public policy, while being inclusive of diverse populations.

Our Mandate

According to our authorizing legislation, the Women's Commission's work, including in the legislative space, should "address the reality that women face unique problems and needs...(and) shall address issues relevant to the problems and needs of women".

Our Vision

The vision of the Women's Commission is that "Every woman and girl is healthy, safe, prosperous, and empowered to achieve their full potential".