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Washington State Women’s Commission's Response to Supreme Court’s Decision Overturning Roe v. Wade


This morning, the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade and the constitutional right to access abortion.

This catastrophic decision undermines decades of hard-fought gains and legal precedent securing our right to reproductive autonomy, agency, and freedom. It permits Mississippi’s 15-week ban on abortion to go into effect, and gives other states the opportunity to further restrict or outright ban abortion.

Many women and pregnant non-binary persons will be forced to carry their pregnancies to term. But make no mistake—abortion bans and removing legal protections will not end abortion. Women in states with trigger bans  will now be forced to have unsafe, prohibitively expensive abortions, or travel great distances out of their home state to access abortion care.

This is a direct assault on women’s rights – the right to make decisions about our bodies, and our right to determine our futures.

By reinstating this enormous barrier to women’s health, safety, and economic opportunity and security, a small minority are enacting control and harm upon all women in the United States. But let’s be clear—this violation of fundamental rights will have the greatest harm on the most vulnerable in our community, and those with the least resources – women of color, immigrant women, LGBTQ+ identifying women, and women living in poverty.

As previously stated by Governor Inslee, Washington State is a safe haven – welcoming and offering legal protection to all those who are seeking safe abortion, regardless of the law in the individual’s home state.

The Washington State Women’s Commission stands with you in community and solidarity as we process this decision with collective grief, anger, and disappointment.

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