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Statement of Purpose

Access to quality, affordable health care is critical for the wellbeing of women[1] and girls in Washington. Without it, our communities cannot flourish. The Washington State Women’s Commission is dedicated to ensuring women and girls can lead healthier lives by addressing the growing disparities in health equity, safeguarding the right to bodily autonomy, and advocating for full funding of essential health services, such as maternal, mental, and behavioral healthcare. Evidence supports people of color, particularly women of color, experience significant health disparities compared to the general population, including limited access to healthcare, poorer outcomes, and increased mortality rates.

To achieve health equity this committee supports a concentrated focus on improving access and funding for healthcare, expanding healthcare coverage, promoting community-led initiatives, implementing innovative and inclusive education models that respect the values of diverse populations, and implementing measures that hold organizations accountable for the health outcomes of the communities they serve.

[1] The Commission works on behalf of all self-identifying women including individuals with the capacity for pregnancy.


The purpose of the Health Committee within the Washington State Women’s Commission is to provide assistance and support for the Commission’s initiatives. The committee achieves this by fostering collaboration amongst community partners, service providers, and impacted individuals throughout the State. The committee possesses expertise and comprehension of how women in Washington State are influenced by their access to health services, the provision of these services and environmental and public health conditions. By working together, the committee aims to address and mitigate the impact of these factors on the health of women in the state.

The goal of the Health Committee is to foster a shared understanding and build a robust foundation for communities to address health disparities among women.  Health equity means individuals can access the resources and services they require, when and where they need them, in order to achieve their optimal health.

 The committee will achieve this by:

  1. Monitoring state legislation and advocating for legislation affecting women’s health.
  2. Collaborating with state agencies to evaluate systems, programs, and policies that impact women and girls.
  3. Coordinating with the peer WSWC committees, peer commissions and Human Rights commission to address shared concerns.
  4. Serving as a liaison between the public and private sectors to identify, reduce and/or eliminate barriers to women's health.