Statement of Purpose

The Women's Commission recognizes the importance of physical and mental health in addressing the needs of women of Washington. Particularly in the midst of the pandemic, we understand that it's more important than ever to ensure that women in Washington have access to accessible, affordable, and holistic health care that address the unique needs of their intersectional experiences.

Evidence supports people of color, especially women of color, experience significant health disparities as compared to the general population, including limited access to healthcare, poorer outcomes, and increased mortality rates.

To achieve health equity this committee supports a concentrated focus on funding, expanded healthcare coverage, community led initiatives, innovative and institutionalized education models that honor the values of others, and measures that hold organizations accountable for the health outcomes of the communities they serve.


The Committee will achieve this by:

  1. Monitoring state legislation and advocate for legislation affecting women’s health;
  2. Working with state agencies to assess systems, programs and policies that affect women and girls;
  3. Coordinating with the minority commissions and human rights commission to address issues of mutual concern; and
  4. Working as a liaison between the public and private sector to eliminate barriers to women's health and economic equity.