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Safety Committee

Statement of Purpose

Women and girls of all ages, income levels, racial and ethnic communities, sexual orientations, and gender identities continue to experience violence in the form of domestic violence, sexual assault, sexual harassment, trafficking, and gun violence. 

The Commission works with community partners to find policy and practical solutions to these serious issues to help prevent violence, provide adequate services for survivors, and eradicate all forms of gender-based violence. 


Model Sexual Harassment Policies

The Women's Commission worked with pro bono employment attorneys at Gordon Rees’ Seattle office to develop a model sexual harassment policy intended for small employers who may not have a Human Resources department.

    The Safety Committee worked to identify various model policies businesses can choose to adopt to prevent and raise awareness of sexual harassment in the workplace.

    Disclaimer: These sample sexual harassment policies are provided pursuant to RCW 43.119.040 for informational purposes only. The Washington State Women’s Commission is not liable for damages of any kind due to the use of these policies or the language therein. These  policies do not constitute legal advice and should not be relied upon as a substitute for your own judgment, opinions, or independent research on appropriate sexual harassment policies for your particular entity. You should work with your legal counsel to ensure that any policy you adopt is appropriate for your entity and complies with applicable law.